Image of PeterPeter Schwabe

Candidacy for a position as Director (IACR elections 2019)

I am an associate professor at Radboud University, Nijmegen, The Netherlands and have been an IACR member for 10 years. In 2018 I organized CHES 2018 together with Ileana Buhan (Riscure) and right now I am in the process of organizing RWC 2021 together with Lejla Batina and Joan Daemen (both also Radboud University). While organizing CHES 2018, I also became involved in helping with IACR's IT infrastructure; specifically I took on the role of administrator of the server hosting the IACR conference websites.

The engineering side of crypto

Probably most IACR members would see me as a crypto engineer and given that most of my IACR publications are at CHES this is a pretty adequate characterisation. My motivation for working on cryptography comes from real-world challenges and therefore my goal as Director would be to represent the engineering side of crypto on the Board.

Supporting regional conferences

There is no doubt that the IACR general conferences and area conferences are the most important venues for our community to meet. We should, however, also keep in mind the importance of the regional conferences organized in cooperation with the IACR like SAC, Indocrypt, Latincrypt, and Africacrypt. I am a regular member of program committees of these conferences, regularly attend them, and was program chair of Latincrypt 2019. One of my goals as Director of the IACR would be to find ways to further support these events.

Availability and reproducibility of results

With the eprint archive, two gold open-access journals, and a general culture of open-sourcing software, our community is doing a pretty good job at making our results available and reproducible for other researchers and the general public. However, this should not be a reason to not try to improve further in this regard. In particular when it comes to availability and easy access to artifacts such as software, hardware, or collected data, we can and should do better, for example by creating and maintaining an archive of such artifacts or by finding better ways to reward the effort that goes into libraries and tools that many of us use and appreciate.