Music by John Lennon, lyrics by Tobias Rick, Michael Naehrig and Peter Schwabe

C        Cmaj7 F       C    Cmaj7   F
Imagine open science, open in all ways,
C    Cmaj7   F       C               Cmaj7 F
Without restrictions, no patents and no NDAs,
F       Am/E   d7         G                         G7
Imagine all researchers talking about things they know

C        Cmaj7 F     C            Cmaj7 F
Imagine information flowing from A to B,
C            Cmaj7       F     C              Cmaj7   F
We all could save much effort, I think that you'll agree
F       Am/E     d7       G         d7       G7
Imagine all the people, sharing, sharing, sharing their ideas

F         G         C E E7 F         G           C E E7
You may say, I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one.
F           G             C E E7 F       G         C
I hope some day you will join us and research will be just fun

C        Cmaj7 F       C          Cmaj7   F
Imagine no possessions, I wonder if you can,
C      Cmaj7     F     C        Cmaj7     F
No copyright on papers, all in public domain
F       Am/E     d7           G             G7
Imagine all programmers, programming open source

F         G
You may say...